First and foremost, our philosophy to working with organizations is to utilize a collaborative approach. We bring our expertise in program development, and evaluation and organization staff bring their expertise about the program and their evaluation knowledge. Together we strive to meet the evaluative needs of organizations.

We offer technical assistance in the implementation of an organization’s program evaluation systems. Initially we assess the current status of an organization’s evaluative capacity. We may begin with the development of a program logic model; or in the case where one already exists, then we would work to build on the current logic model. The logic model provides the ground work for the development of a program evaluation system. We collaborate to develop a program evaluation plan. We work closely with your program staff to facilitate the selection of the outcomes for the organization’s programs and we work to specify indicators that provide the best evidence of success.

We oversee the implementation of the program evaluation plan. We assist in developing systems for the collection and analysis of data on the outcome indicators. We emphasize a utilization-focused program evaluation where we work with your organization to maximize the dissemination of program evaluation findings through report writing, presentations, and assist staff in the utilization of findings for program improvement, and the production of marketing materials. Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization.